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The Fun-duh-mental Leader book

the FUN-duh-mental LEADER



The Fun-duh-mental Leader is based on a job description of a nonprofit leader. The book provides techniques on how to stretch a budget, and what systems to put in place to run a small-to-mid-size nonprofit. With over 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States, nonprofit leaders are a necessity to ensure the success of these wonderful organizations. These leaders are faced with incredible challenges from raising funds to providing programs and services to meet the needs of their recipients. Yes, the job comes with challenges. Why not add the fun factor while managing the mental challenges? The fun and the mental aspects of the position must be addressed. The fun is what the new nonprofit leader should include in their quest to avoid burnout; the mental challenges should be addressed to maintain sanity and control.


Congratulations on your new position! 

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