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Leadership Coaching Sessions

Nonprofit leadership is a serious matter. It takes time, effort, energy, commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm to remain vigilant in your fundraising efforts. These sessions are designed to give you the “heads-up” on what you may experience. And give you additional “tools” to assist in reaching your goals.

The Sessions Cover:

  • Tackle the first days on the job

  • Develop fundraising tactics

  • Keep Board of Directors engaged

  • Review the finances to help you implement strategies

  • Stay in compliance to keep your organization penalty free

  • Hire people to fulfill the mission

  • Promote your programs, products, and services

  • Put systems in place

  • De-stress from the stress

  • Take a Mental Break

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Session 1


Tackling the First Days on the Job



Develop action plans to tackle the first days on the job. Learn about analyzing financial reports, cultivating relationships, developing new funding sources, and leveraging community connections to increase revenue streams.

Session 2

Engaging the Board of Directors


The Financial Review and Compliance

Explore avenues on how to keep Board of Directors engaged with increased involvement in the organization. Identify ways to recruit skilled individuals for the board. Learn the importance of each financial report and how to stay in compliance.

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Session 3

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People Make the Difference



Discover tactics to use to develop and build your team to operate the nonprofit on a small budget. Determine who is needed to achieve desired results. Examine a variety of marketing tools available to promote and increase visibility of the organization.

Session 4

Putting Systems in Place


The FUN and The Mental

Create systems that help sustain the organization and operate more effectively and efficiently. Develop standard operating procedures. Learn how to add FUN to the position to eliminate and reduce stress; and learn when it is time to take a MENTAL break.

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