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Team Meeting
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“Nonprofit management and leadership vision play a powerful role in assisting people in need. The impact of your nonprofit programs and services stretches throughout local communities and beyond. Qualified leadership is a necessity to handle the sheer quantity of people requesting your programs and services. For this reason, I highly respect your professional leadership and your humanitarian efforts.   I wish you the best for a successful endeavor.”


Rita McCoy

Former Executive Director

And The Fun-duh-mental Coach

Breast Cancer Awareness Race
Team Meeting






I developed my coaching sessions in hopes of helping new nonprofit leaders better understand the challenges, tactics, strategies, and importance of their programs and services. Sure, I have made some mistakes and learned from them, but more importantly, I conquered surmountable obstacles. And you can too!

Meet The Fun-duh-mental Coach


As an Emmy Award-winning TV executive producer, former nonprofit executive director, and professor, Rita McCoy, shares her over-twenty years of collective knowledge and experience about running a nonprofit organization.

Impressed by the missions and altruism of nonprofits, she created a TV program that highlighted and promoted hundreds of nonprofits in her community. After serving on numerous boards and committees, she accepted an executive director position for a nonprofit that helped provide financial assistance to breast cancer patients struggling to pay monthly bills.

Enlightened by her experience, she brings to you coaching sessions based on her book The Fun-duh-mental Leader.

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Meet The Fun-duh-menta Coach
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