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Nonprofit's Lack of Funds Debacle

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

For some nonprofits, COVID-19 pandemic created a lack of funding. Faced with uncertainty, many organizations had to re-evaluate how to raise funds during such difficult times and to keep programs and services operable.

When a nonprofit does not receive a grant or unable to host a major fundraising event that could provide upwards of a third or more of its budget, it affects the bottom line. And without donations constantly arriving at anticipated times of the year, as outlined in an annual budget, a nonprofit could face challenges like closing down a program or laying off staff. I thought I would share a few tips to help nonprofits continue striving toward goals defined at the start of their fiscal year.

TIPS on How to Keep Fundraising Flourishing

  1. Never lose connection with your major funders. Major funders provide the organization with large sums of money for programs. Nonprofits can stay connected through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, e-Newsletters, and phone calls. Find tactics to keep your organizaton at the forefront of their minds. Keep them informed and engaged.

  2. Volunteers, don't overlook those who report to your organization to help with various projects. When was the last time you thanked them for their support and asked for their continued support?

  3. Board of Directors, they help keep the organization functional. Did you ask them for a donation? How about asking for an additional donation or monthly contribution?

  4. Did you meet someone new in your community? Did you talk about your nonprofit and how it has changed people's lives? That new person you met, how are you going to reconnect with them to ask them for a donation? Did you pick up a business card so you could send them an email or more information about your nonprofit? Spread the word.

  5. Marketing Campaign, whenever there is a lack of funds situation, take a look at your marketing strategies. Which ones can you implement today that may bring positive returns on investment? For example, could you create a virtual event and invite all of your constituents to tune in? Share what your organization is doing and ask for their help and/or donations. Give them updates. It's time for you to create excitement among those who could make a difference in your funding sources.

Of course, I could go on and on about the numerous avenues you have to raise funds. Hopefully, with these few mentioned above, it will trigger some other ideas. Get out there! Raise the necessary funds to keep your nonprofit viable in your community.

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