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Updated: Jun 16, 2022

A Message from Rita McCoy

You're Hired! Now What?


Thank you for visiting Sound Off Publishing's website. If you are a first time visitor you may have seen some of my You Tube videos providing tips on how to run a successful nonprofit.

Sound Off Publishing recently launched its coaching series based on my book "The Fun-duh-mental Leader." The series was created to advise "new" and "up-and-coming" nonprofit leaders about some of the fundamental aspects of running a nonprofit. Every nonprofit is different. There are different circumstances within the structure of the organization. Processes are different. Problems are different. Programs are different. Board of Directors are different. But what I have learned in over 20+ years of working with nonprofits is what remains common in most organizations is that they all require: fundraising, finances, marketing, board development, and staff/volunteer recruitment.

For nonprofits to thrive, each of these components must be built strong to sustain the organization for many years to come. And the leader of the organization, must pay close attention to each area.

The coaching series covers the following:

Coaching Session 1

  1. Tackling the first days on the job

  2. Developing fundraising tactics

Coaching Session 2

  1. Keeping the Board of Directors engaged

  2. Reviewing the finances to help implement strategies

  3. Staying in compliance to keep the organization penalty free

Coaching Session 3

  1. Hiring people to fulfill the mission

  2. Promoting your programs, products and services

  3. Putting systems in place

Coaching Session 4

  1. THE FUN -- Learning how to De-stress from the Stress

  2. THE MENTAL -- Taking a mental break

I wanted the coaching series to be quick and straightforward because, afterall, you have a nonprofit to run. You may have just started a new position and the tips provided could help you formalize your thoughts on how to approach your daily activities within your organization.

As the executive director/CEO of the organization, your staff, volunteers, board of directors, program recipients, supporters, sponsors, donors all rely on you. They come to you with questions and problems. You must provide the answers and solutions. By going through the coaching series it will better equip you to remain proactive, vigilant and positive throughout your service to the organization.

The coaching series/sessions, along with the book "The Fun-duh-mental Leader," are tools to teach you about the various projects, tactics, structure, strategies you'll be incorporating as you aim for a viable and successful organization; therefore, achieving the goals you have set for your nonprofit.

After you have completed the coaching sessions, feel free to connect with me through Sound Off Publishing about any questions or comments. Enjoy the sessions.

I extend a heartfelt thanks to you for what you do to make a difference in your community.

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